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The brief

Showcasing new company innovations through engaging experiences


Upon receiving the initial brief, we knew that this would be an exciting event to plan! With Lush requiring us to adhere to their strict sustainability guidelines, we needed to get creative and draw on our experience to cater for this without any compromise in the overall production of the event.

  • Location: Lush Manufacturing 

  • Brief to create a bespoke event showcasing company innovations

  • Venues to be built on Lush company property

  • Full event design, build and operation

  • 1,600 employees in attendance across two days

  • From brief to event, we had 2 weeks to design, plan and build

  • 2,500 sq. footage of REAL grass used

  • 300+ real plants used for theming

  • Vegetarian and vegan street food

A quick turnaround

We designed, built and produced in just two weeks


We surveyed the site wishing to be used and completed CAD layout drawings and layout designs. We decided upon various structures including an inflatable dome and large cube marquee, stretch tents and up-cycled shipping containers.

The event purpose was to showcase departmental innovations therefore we designed each exhibition space and the content within those including all AV, furniture, signage, content and bespoke display features.

The catering brief for the event followed Lush brand ethos of being vegetarian and vegan so we set about sourcing 5 of the UK’s top vegetarian/vegan traders to provide employees with a range of delicious, healthy and fresh food.

Following brand ethos

Keeping sustainability at the core of the event


At every point during the planning and build we followed the brand ethos of Lush. For example, the marquee weights were made from recycled concrete, the grass planted into felt and then donated to local school following the event and refillable water stations were installed throughout with employees being encouraged to provide their own bottles and cups where possible.