Event Management

DBA Motor Show, Lulworth Castle


  • Event Management

Event : The DBA Motor Show

Location : Lulworth Castle


The stunning backdrop of Lulworth Castle, an unrivalled display of vintage and super cars, and a bustling crowd gathered for a noble cause. This was the scene at this year's 'Dorset Blind Association's Motor Show' as we bought our Event Management skills to one of Dorset's premier charity events.

  • Health and Safety

  • Trader Management

  • Site Planning & Logistics

  • On Site Event Management

  • 36 retailers 14 caterers 250 car entrants 30 volunteers 12 car parking marshals

  • Attendance of 5,000

Getting started

Revving our engines for a good cause


It all began when Sam Baker, the Community Relations Manager at Dorset Blind Association, reached out to us with a vision: to make this year's Motor Show the most unforgettable yet. With their passion for supporting the visually impaired community and our expertise in event planning and logistics, we knew we were onto something special.

As we dove into the planning process, we collaborated closely with Sam and her team, fine-tuning every detail. From ensuring the safety of all attendees to optimising trader interactions and site layouts, we left no stone unturned in our quest to deliver an exceptional experience for their patrons.

Celebrating success

a weekend to remember


And when the day finally arrived, it exceeded all expectations. The sun was shining, the cars gleamed, and the energy was palpable as thousands of people poured in to show their support. Sam herself summed it up best: "We're thrilled to announce that it was our biggest and best yet, with a stunning display of cars, glorious weather, and an incredible turnout. We're overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from the public, who attended this year in their thousands."

At Seventa, we're more than just event planners; we're partners in creating moments that matter. And as we reflect on the success of this year's Motor Show, we're grateful for the opportunity to make a difference alongside the Dorset Blind Association. Here's to many more memorable events together.

Imagery courtesy of Steve Regan Photography - https://www.stevereganphotography.com/