21.03.2024 by Dave Johnstone

Seventa goes international with Odlo Leisure Wear

In a moment of fate, during our team trip away to Switzerland, sat on the chairlift eagerly awaiting reaching the top of the mountain, we checked in on the email inbox to see an enquiry from Odlo.

Odlo, are a Norwegian born but Swiss engineered lifestyle sports apparel brand. As the original inventors of functional sports underwear, they have been innovating ever since, creating exceptional products for active lifestyles all year round.

The brief, was to create a retail pop up store, in line with Odlo’s outdoor, adventurous and exciting values. The pop up store would be located in Pontresina, Switzerland, as part of the Engadin Ski Marathon, which welcomes over 14,000 attendees.

The event, was in 7 weeks time. So we got to work (after a few more days on the slopes that is!) We started with an all in teams meeting, to discuss the brand values of Odlo, and the desirable outcomes and requirements for the retail pop up. We then 3d mocked up several options and after a few brand meetings with the Odlo team, a size, layout and design was finalised.


We set about having the structure built and then worked out artwork requirements, including full print interior imagery, and custom front signage. The structure was built, flat packed, and then loaded into international shipping experts, Stage Truck, lorry to head towards Switzerland. A team followed the lorry in a pick up truck, which allowed us the ability to carry all necessary tools, but also to have a vehicle on site available for any last minute requirements.

Our founder, Simon volunteered to lead the trip, and headed out to Switzerland via Gatwick EasyJet, and a scenic journey on the Bernina Express rail line. Opting for this option, allowed him to work en-route, but also to take his Ski boots.. we guessed his plan!

Once out in Switzerland, the teams met at the site that we were to build the structure on, and measured out and planned all of the load in. The next day at 07:00am Stage Truck arrived bang on time, and the build began. With incredible views!


On the day of the build, snowfall was set to come in that evening, so the team worked hard to get the structure fully built within the 10 hour window. We then set about installing heaters and lighting, and put our snow loading plan into place. Over 1m of snow fell that evening and the structure looked pretty special!

The next day, we cleared the snow and set about with the interior fit out, including lighting, heating and fitting rooms. Odlo then kit out the inside with retail infrastructure, and of course, their clothing. This included the special edition red & black Engadin Ski Marathon kit, which took centre stage at the front of the store.


Within 48 hours of arriving, we had transformed a car park area, into a fully fledged Odlo store. This then operated during the Engadin Ski marathon, where we stayed out in Switzerland for a number of days, with the team getting a few perfect days out on the slopes!

"We looked into a new retail booth, in line with our DNA and values, as a clear experience upgrade. The solution Seventa offered was spot on. As we were late in the process, Simon and his team demonstrated availability, responsiveness and operational excellence. A significant part of the successful perception (and sales results) we enjoyed during our 2024 Engadin Skimarathon activation is directly related to the support we received from Seventa."

Rémi Sinaï, Sports Marketing Director, Odlo