23.01.2024 by Dave Johnstone

Seventa hit the slopes of Morzine!

To cap off a whirlwind 12 months, we treated our hardworking head office team to the ultimate end-of-season ski trip in Morzine!

What a year it's been, right? From winning new national clients, operating Christmas Markets and collaborating with the likes of Lush and Ciroc – it's been a truly incredible year for the whole team! As we scrambled around to plan the event for the event planners who have everything, it suddenly dawned on us...what better way to treat a team of people who have spent months immersed in Christmas without the chance to celebrate the season themselves? The answer, a team trip to the snow covered peaks of Morzine!

Picture the scene: our Seventa crew hitting the slopes, from snow pros to first-time thrill-seekers, all under the guidance of the incredible Pierre (the 78 year-old undisputed king of the slopes). Massive shoutout to Stigg, Rosie & Dave for fearlessly owning those slopes despite having never set foot in the snow before!


The joy of mastering the art of skiing brought the team closer together, fostering a sense of camaraderie that would be remembered long after the snow melted away...or at least until we hit the bar!


But hold up – it wasn't all about the snow. When the sun dipped below the peaks, we traded our skis for karaoke mics at Morzine's legendary Alpine Lodges and Bars. And let's just say, Rosie might've discovered a hidden talent for reaching notes we didn't know existed! Nights were a wild mix of laughter, storytelling, and maybe a few questionable dance moves. You had to be there!


Now, we're back, recharged, and gearing up to make 2024 our craziest year yet! Morzine was our playground, but we're ready to show the world what Seventa is made of. Get ready for more mind-blowing events because, folks, we're just getting started. Roll on 2024!