12.12.2019 by Dave Johnstone

What a BLAST – is there a place for epic ‘team building’ in the workplace?

Will you be promoting a 'work hard, play hard' environment?

The mention of ‘Team building’ activities in the workplace can sometimes be met with a sly eye roll and a rush to file your excuses. The stigma (across companies that haven’t quite got that ‘team mentality’ right) is awkward encounters with ‘Sandra from finance’ whom you spend the best part of your day consciously avoiding. Luckily, here at Seventa we pride ourselves on having an awesome team of hardworking, fun and engaging people. Getting together to have a little fun is what we are all about. It’s our business.

Trading the ‘trust falls’ for the ultimate activities that would not usually be accessible to employees outside of the work environment, offering a release from the stresses of the daily grind. Team building can, if done correctly, have a hugely positive impact on employee interaction and office atmosphere.

Perhaps the label ‘Team building’ should be rethought. A more appropriate (if slightly longer) description could simply be ‘friends and colleagues engaging in an activity that is inclusive and fun for everyone involved’?! Ultimately the goal is a positive and fun experience for all. Luckily for us here at Seventa, whilst we work all across the UK, we are extremely privileged to be positioned on the South Coast with an abundance of activities right on our doorstep.

Our own most recent team outing of choice saw us take to the water for an epic afternoon of water sports with our good friends over at Jet Ski Safaris and Aquatic Jetpacks. The afternoon was jam packed with power boats, jet skis and jetpacks. With something for everyone, I think it’s fair to say the team had an amazing time. Which to any company/boss/brand should be up there at the top of your list. Look after your teams.

As a full service events agency, our team is full of Creatives and we have found that stimulating activities of this sort offer the team a chance to unwind and re-gather at the end of a long week, as well as showing our appreciation for all of their hard work! This has actually been so well received that we have now introduced this as a bi-monthly activity, slotting into our company ethos like a dream. Promoting a work hard, play hard environment may not work for everyone but it’s certainly a stance Seventa will be taking forwards.