09.06.2022 by Dave Johnstone

How we helped create two brand new street food brands

When our client needed help with the creation and launch of two brand new street food concepts, Seventa were ready to hit the road and deliver two cutting edge concepts.

When we were first contacted to help create brand-new Churros & Burger brands for our client our first thoughts were two fold ... can we have some samples and how many!?

Once our appetites were back under control, we couldn't wait to get the creative juices flowing and delve into the world of street food. After painstaking (and belly busting) research trips to experience the street food brands of Camden Market and the booming food hall trade at Mercato Mayfair, we were ready to formulate our plans.


First things first, with the edgy street food brands of London fresh in our memory, we were ready to bring our clients brands to life! We focused on names and logos that reflected the cool, fun and social aspects of the street food community and decided we wanted concepts that drew customers in as part of a cool urban collective of street food lovers and as such Churros Kings and The Street Kings were born.


To play on the street culture aspects of the brand, we decided to create branded apparel for both the service teams and the loyal following we knew these brands would attract. With Summer and Winter residencies already confirmed, we delivered a range of hoodies, t-shirts, caps and beanies that would keep the Kings' team looking their best all year round.


The Kings' community formed, we were ready to get to work on the trucks. In fairness to our client they did pre warn us that the trucks were in need of some serious TLC, so we were ready for a challenge - and that's exactly what we got.


With the Churros Kings' vintage Bedford truck arriving first we set to work renovating it from it's current form as a unloved former Pizza & Coffee truck into a full service unit able to fry up delicious fresh churros alongside ice-cold soft serve. Having gutted the interior and replaced with all-new stainless steel kitchen units, we turned our focus on creating an aesthetic that would make the truck stand out against its competitors.



It was out with the tired grey and vintage seaside exterior and in with a full vinyl rap of our Churros Kings' crown with a black and gold colour pattern to portray the brands 'cool' 'epic' and 'modern' brief.


Upon completion of The Churros Kings truck, it was time for The Street Kings truck to arrive in our yard. Not only was this Chevrolet P30 Step Van in a much better condition to start off with, we were suitably excited to find out that we were actually in the presence of a Hollywood star. Indeed, the truck had made its way to us from the set of the Jason Statham thriller 'Wrath of Man'.


With a movie star in our midst, we set to work giving her the glow-up she deserved with an all new steel serving unit, fryers and hatch before making the exterior 'pop' with a logo vinyl and social attributes emblazoned on the bonnet.



As the trucks prepared for their first outing, our creative team set to work on providing brand assets such as menus, posters and vouchers that would further underline the brand identities we had created for these badass food trucks.



We are delighted to reveal that with their first residencies under their belts, our clients have been blown away by the response the brands we delivered have received, in fact, they've even had franchise enquiries from as far a field as Germany!

So, remember where you first heard of www.churroskings.com and www.thestreetkings.co.uk

Before we go, it's only right we leave you with a few pics of their epic food...


Feeling peckish? You'll find them located on Bournemouth's Pavilion terrace just 30 seconds from the beach!