19.12.2019 by Dave Johnstone

How Our “Creatives” Get Creative…

In today’s climate, lacklustre event proposals simply won’t stand out from the crowd, but we all know that sometimes it is difficult to draw inspiration from thin air… or is it?

It’s no secret that the ‘Events’ industry is a huge field by any measure. Our work varies from small meeting bookings and private parties, large corporate events such as AGM’s for global clients, to the likes of brand activations at festivals. The list really is endless. With this in mind, it is crucial that our team are able to adapt and produce events that are unique and unforgettable for every client that we partner.

This week, I got the chance to chat with Faye, one of our Creative Event Managers whose role is all and more of the above!

When a brief hits your desk, where do you even start?! 

Being an agency, we receive so many different briefs from a various companies. For me, it’s about presenting a bespoke and personal proposal to the client. I begin by researching the company, looking at their style, latest installs/events and getting an idea of how they want their brand to come across. Once I get an understanding, I start researching furniture/ colours/ textures/ items which I feel best reflect them. I tend to create either a Pinterest board or create my own moodboard. 


Do you ever use social media for inspiration?

always look at a client’s/brand’s Instagram page as I feel this is the main social media platform companies use to really express their personalities!

What/who is your favourite instagram account?

I recently had an enquiry from a company called Klarna, their Instagram is really cool! They use a lot of quirky images (sometimes quite random) to express their selves as well as an abundance of celebrity endorsement. Although, my overall all-time favourite Instagram account has to be Pantone (actually think you introduced me to it!).  I LOVE how they use the different colours which blend into each other, it’s so satisfying!


How do you make sure our ideas are original and stand out against competitors?

It’s really easy to log onto Pinterest and look at what you think looks ‘pretty’ and propose this to the client, but at the end of the day, they’re coming to you to create something really unique. For example, when creating the Peroni proposals, we reflected a lot of their styling into furniture. We wanted to compliment their marble design into counter tops, table surfaces and even the plant pots. However, this all has to start somewhere. Our initial ideas always develop from our ‘creating meetings.’ This is when we first receive a brief and just lay all of our ideas out on the table as a team. I feel this is definitely one of the most effective ways for everyone to express their ideas and turn these into real life! 


What’s been your favourite project/client to work on and why?

Hmmm all of the events/installs I’ve worked on have definitely had highs and some lows! I think my all time favourite was probably last month’s private 50th Birthday Party! There is genuinely no better feeling than seeing people enjoying an event you’ve created and worked so hard on. High expectations from the client really pushed me to think outside the box and produce that ‘WOW’ factor!


If you’re needing help getting ‘creative’ at your event and would like to see what Faye and the Seventa Team can come up with for you, please get in touch via hello@seventa.co.uk! With creativity and organisation sitting hand in hand, we’re ready to create unforgettable experiences and events for our clients.