14.01.2020 by Dave Johnstone

#ForTheGram Events

If it’s not on instagram, did it even happen?

It’s 2020, and the rate at which events are evolving is faster paced than ever before. However, there’s one trend that certainly won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. With social media user numbers reaching all time highs, the need, or perhaps desire is a better word, to produce high quality content at each event is ever increasing.

The Event Managers here at Seventa are persistently receiving briefs for (dare I say it) ‘Instagrammable’ Events. Now, as a marketing manager I would like to think I’m personally pretty clued up on instagram and am proudly one of those who likes to capture anything and everything meaningful which will make my feed and story stand out from the crowd. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the term however, here’s a definition I’ve located:

Instagrammable (comparative more Instagrammablesuperlative most Instagrammable)

1.    (informal) Lending itself to being photographed and posted on social mediaphotogenicattractively wholesome.

Essentially, there is a desire for events in particular, to look increasingly aesthetically pleasing so that people can portray this on their personal social media accounts. Whether it’s to show creativity, affluence or status, people love to get involved with something unique and exciting and this will encourage them to share their experiences with their own followers.

As an events agency, we will always look to focus on the event agenda first and foremost, ensuring that the purpose of the event is fulfilled and then, we let loose the ‘Creative’ department, who work with clients to achieve the exact look that they’re after at their event. Visually, we of course want every event to stand out and to appeal to the target audience but there are certain things that we take into account when taking on this type of brief/client.


Venue –

In addition to providing a functional and appropriate space for the attendees, this is all about inviting guests into in a space in which they are proud to be photographed. Either the choice of venue needs to hold a specific status itself, or the perhaps a more ordinary space is transformed into something unforgettable. Things such as quote walls, flower boards and interactive screens or lighting can provide the perfect backdrop, setting the scene for that perfect ‘shot’.



Food & Drink –

Alongside a traditional sit down meal we would look to include additions such as unique themed table decorations, flowers or elegant place names as examples. Authentic or speciality food that suits the venue or overall theme of the event is also a great way to engage your diners and involve them in the event.

Alternatively, quirky options such as doughnut walls, personalised cocktails and ‘magic’ catering options, naturally lend themselves to photograph opportunities. We worked alongside Molecular Magic Catering for a private Birthday function recently and the results were unbelievable!

Preference here really does sit with the client and the nature of the event so we look to personalise each and every event appropriately.



Events are the perfect opportunity to portray your brand story and encourage your clientele to think like you. Our event planners give purpose and meaning behind every little addition to an event and continually refer directly to brand guidelines and the storytelling of the brand. In addition to being informative, this gives guests the opportunity to become a part of that story themselves and immerse themselves into the idea.

There’s also been a huge increase in immersive experiences for guests, which puts them into an unnatural environment and as a result heightens their senses and increases their attention. This added awe evokes emotion and the desire the share this with others.


Deliver on your objectives, set the stage correctly and the social media will take care of itself!

If you would like help creating your event, instagrammable or not, please get in touch and we can help to create that unforgettable experience.