17.02.2020 by Dave Johnstone

This month Seventa LOVES...

We kick started the year here at Seventa with some major client start of year conference events, the pack down of a UK Christmas Market event, and several brand activations. January did not disappoint! 

We also spent some time as a team setting personal and career goals, a lot of these were based around our already wellness focussed mindset/culture. The event industry can be challenging at times, and being healthy and positive in challenging situations allows us to be our best. 

To help us stay at our best, we’ve compiled a little list of things that we’re loving so far this month. Take a sneak peak... 

Food Pick: 

We’re an active bunch who have been a huge fan of ‘Grenade’ products for a while now, but their new RELOAD protein bar has blown it out of the park (get it?). 

Made with all-natural nut butters and wholegrain oats, Reload® provides slow-release energy to see you through your busy day.

Best served: Pre-Monday Morning Meeting 


It's a big thumbs up from some of our Creative Team, Hollye and Faye, and Grenade CEO's Alan and Juliet Barratt.

Drink Pick: 

Originally on a mission to make the world's most enjoyable muesli, Rude Health then branched out to a selection of cereal treats and plant based milks. Sampled during veganuary, we actually all fell in love and we may or may not have put in a bulk order on the company card… (Sorry Simon) 

Our top hit: Barista Oat Milk- It leaves your coffee tasting silky smooth and utterly delightful. 

Company Moto: “With good food inside you, you can do just about anything” 🙌


(How the girls drink Rude Health vs how the boys drink Rude Health in the office…)

Brand Crush: 

Known for their outgoing personality and brave campaigns, BrewDog are certainly no strangers to putting themselves out there. Last week saw the brand announce their ‘Brewdog Tomorrow’ campaign which included their first six initiatives towards a change for better. Check them out: 


It’s safe to say that we’ll be stocking our fridges with a few cans of Clockwork Tangerine and Elvis Juice for a little Friday refreshment. 

Out Of The Ordinary

A couple of weeks back, the ‘boys’ set off on a road trip to Wales in hunt of a new project. They most certainly hit the nail on the head. This 48 year old beauty is now back on home turf and ready for a slick new refurb. 


A project in the pipeline which we can’t wait to update you on and in the meantime… feel free to pass on your name suggestions!

Last but not least...

This picture of Snoop our office/warehouse guard dog looking as vicious as ever makes us very happy ❤️